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The 2019 Courageous Persuaders Scholarship Award Winners Are…

Grand Prize Courageous Persuaders Award ($3,000)

“Was that Drink Worth Your Last Breath”

Produced by: Noah Hudson-Peralta | Frederick V. Pankow Center | Clinton Township, Michigan

Middle School Quotes | “I think that even though it has no words it shows a lot, there doesn’t need to be words to tell what happens.” | “It was interesting and made me want to pay attention because it was funny.” | “The clips and sounds made it feel and look real.”

State Farm Fan Favorite Award ($1,000 to Student and $2,500 to School)

“Who’s at Risk”

Produced by: Asia Yandan | Lee M. Thurston High School | Redford, Michigan

The public had the chance to view all Finalist Commercials and vote for their favorite in April. The commercial that received the most “likes” was awarded the State Farm Fan Favorite Award.

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Detroit Auto Dealers Association Award – Dangers of Texting While Driving ($2,000)


Produced by: Owen Walter | Sickles High School | Tampa, FL

Middle School Quotes | “It was interesting and got the point across well.” | “I liked that it was a break from the serious videos. Ads are more attention grabbing and convincing, for me, when there’s comedy.” | “It wasn’t like the others and it was creative.”

Detroit Auto Dealers Association Award – Dangers of Underage Drinking ($2,000)

“Doors to the Future”

Produced by: Delaney Rohrs | Careerline Tech Center | Holland, Michigan

Middle School Quotes | “It is a strong video that clearly shows how alcohol would affect you.” | “It lets you know that you can have a bright future, but if you drink your future can go to an end.” | “It really opened my eyes and made me feel like you can’t take back your mistakes.”

Adcraft Detroit Award ($2,000)

“Don’t Let Alcohol Take the Wheel”

Produced by: Shane Verkest, Jack Braithwaite & Lauren Bayless | Frederick V. Pankow Center | Clinton Township, Michigan

Middle School Quotes | “By creating something funny, it made the video interesting and it still had information to persuade us against drinking and driving.” | “I liked the different way they used to show us that drinking and driving is dangerous.” | “I liked it because it was a funny way to show that if you drink and drive, you fail.”

Detroit Auto Dealers Association Executive Award ($2,000)

“Life is Precious”

Produced by: Palmer Williams | Hillgrove High School | Powder Springs, GA

Middle School Quotes | “This video made me think about my family and how they would feel if my brother or I made a bad decision that took us away from them.” | “It shows how easily your life could end just by one stupid decision and that decision doesn’t just affect you.” | ” The video was serious, and they did a good job editing. It really showed that life is important and drinking underage is just not worth dying.”

1st Place – Courageous Persuaders Award Dangers of Underage Drinking ($2,000)

“Puppet on Strings”

Produced by: Jacob Ashba | Frederick V. Pankow Center | Clinton Township, Michigan

Middle School Quotes | “The ad was unlike all others in the way the ideas and lessons were presented.” | “It is important to inform people of the danger’s alcohol presents. However, if it is not in an entertaining way, most people will disregard it. This video balances comedy with giving info on alcohol and its dangers.” | “Because it was funny, impressive and interesting all at the same time.”

Lindsey Renee Cianciolo Family – Memorial Fund ($1,500)

“That Girl”

Produced by: Jenna Gaylord | Lake Orion High School | Lake Orion, Michigan

Middle School Quotes | “I felt like I could relate to her. I have good grades, I play sports, I have a great life. It scares me to think that I could just be a memory.” | “I thought about everything I have going in my life; one drink could just throw it all away.” | “It really hits you how life can go from perfect to gone with one bad choice.”

Friends of Lindsey Renee Cianciolo Family – Memorial Fund ($1,500)

“1 Drink”

Produced by: Will Dungan | Oakland Schools Technical Campus Southwest | Wixom, Michigan

Middle School Quotes | “It explains a lot about what would happen if you drink underage. It is important to know what you would lose and what would happen to you if you drink and drive.” | “I liked this ad because it covers a lot of consequences of drunk driving that relate to me.” | “I liked that it was catchy and kept my attention.”

State Farm Award ($1,000)

“Do it for Others, Do it for You”

Produced by: Julie Lee | Curtis High School | Staten Island, NY

Middle School Quotes | “I liked that the video made the viewers realize a bad decision doesn’t only affect you.” | “It’s not just you that gets hurts it’s everyone around you and your future.” | “I can’t think about my mom getting a call like that because I wouldn’t want to see her hurting.”

Michigan Film and Digital Media Office Award ($1,000)


Produced by: Emma Paletta | Oakland Schools Technical Campus Southwest | Wixom, MI

Middle School Quotes | “If it’s funny, like this one, you will show it to your friends and spread the word about the message.” | “I liked it because it uses humor to tell you to stop your friends from underage drinking.” | “It was funny but I still understood that it was telling me that I don’t need alcohol to have fun with my friends.”

2nd Place – Courageous Persuaders Award Dangers of Underage Drinking ($1,000)

“Drinking Impacts Everyone”

Produced by: Allison Hummel | Romeo High School | Romeo, Michigan

Middle School Quotes | “It got in my head and really persuaded me not to drink because of my love for my dog.” | “The fact that many of us have pets makes it easier to relate to. Thinking about my pets made me feel sad about the idea that drinking could take me away from them.” | “I liked how the message was subtle but powerful. It showed how fast one wrong decision can make something like this affect everyone who cares about you.”

Courageous Persuaders Award – Texting & Driving ($1,000)

“Everything is Destroyed”

Produced by: Aasutosh Acharya | Cottonwood High School | Murray, UT

Middle School Quotes | “I liked how straight forward and clear it was.” | “The guy doing it is was very serious and I felt like he was talking to me.” | “I could just feel his pain and how much he wants us kids to stop.”

3rd Place – Courageous Persuaders Award Dangers of Underage Drinking ($500)

“I’m Sorry”

Produced by: Jaxton Bevins | Lenawee ISD TECH Center | Adrian, Michigan

Middle School Quotes | “Peer pressure happens all the time, this video shows that you shouldn’t always do what your friends tell you.” | “I like that it gave examples of the things that you don’t expect to happen if you drink.” | “I could feel the sadness in the video, it gave me the chills.”

Oakland University Award ($500)

“Angel and Devil”

Produced by: Hunter Miller | William D. Ford Career Tech Center | Westland, Michigan

Middle School Quotes | “I liked the two battling it out.” | “It was funny while getting the message across to the viewer.” | “Videos that use humor make me pay attention more, so I actually get the message.”

College for Creative Studies Award ($250)

“Be Scared”

Produced by: Samuel Miller, Colin Risha & Weston Welch | Plymouth High School | Canton, Michigan

Middle School Quotes | “It scares you into really paying attention to the message that if you underage drink, your life could end up like a scary movie.” | “It was so creepy that it stuck with me.” | “I like scary movies so this video got my attention.”