Janet Sutherland - 2024 Winner

Video Production Teacher
Plymouth High School

“Mrs. Sutherland is my Advanced Video Tech teacher. Not only does she make it mandatory to submit an entry to Courageous Persuaders every year, but she encourages us to submit multiple. She encourages us to create the best videos we can and helps us when we have a hard time. She is kind, smart, and extremely generous. She created this class over 15 years ago and gave up her planning period so students could take it. She’s given up a lot for her students and deserves so much.”

– Stella Forte

“She works so hard to tech our class about the innerworkings of video. She covers everything from directing and editing. Types of camera shots and lighting, green screening, basically everything you need to know. She highly encouraged our class to participate in this contest since she has very strong feeling on road safety. If anyone deserves to win, it’s her!”

–Abigail Brenner

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