Jason Byma - 2023 Winner

Audio Engineering & Video Editing Instructor at
Harbor Springs Public Schools

“He has been my teacher my whole life and has consistently been one of my favorites. He is always understanding and willing to hear your opinion. He active in everybody’s projects to make sure we are on task and are making progress. He goes beyond to make sure that we are comfortable in class, always willing to explain something to make sure we know what we are doing. He makes me feel comfortable about my skill level and is always encouraging and proud of all our achievements. He is willing to be flexible with all our decisions, if we need more time, or if we are starting over completely. He is just an amazing teacher that makes me excited to come to class.”

– Claire Ranney

“I feel that Mr. Byma has worked very hard to ensure the success and happiness of his students, and anyone in the AEVE program, or even others observing it, can see that.”

– Lillia Guthrie

“He is a wonderful teacher, and he works quite hard to make sure we get the education that we were promised.”

– Alana Ernsberger

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