2019 Winner

The Wall Street Journal Courageous Leader Award was presented to Michael Kaufman, Broadcast Journalism Teacher at Frederick V. Pankow Center, at the Courageous Persuaders Awards Celebration in 2019.

“He has been absolutely amazing teacher these last four years he has taught me almost everything I know when it comes to video which has also given life skills and choose the path for my career he is always there for his students, I have never seen a teacher who puts in as much time as Mr. Kaufman he is there early and the morning and sometimes didn’t leave till ten at night he cares more about the success of his students then anything there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to help you succeed.“

– Jack Braithwaite, nominated his teacher for the Wall Street Journal Courageous Leader Award

“Mr. Kaufman is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He continuously pushes his students to do their very best while giving us every chance to succeed. I have been given many opportunities to earn scholarships and enter competitions that I had never even heard of before. The class he teaches is extremely sophisticated compared to other classes with its technology and equipment, all because he pushed to get the very best for us. Mr. Kaufman deserves to win this award because he allows his students to win awards, but he deserves something for everything he has given us.“

– Jacob Ashba, nominated his teacher for the Wall Street Journal Courageous Leader Award

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