Enter Now – Courageous Persuaders Video Competition Open to Receive Entries

TROY, Mich.Sept. 26, 2012— The Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) Education Foundation is proud to announce that the Courageous Persuaders Video Scholarship Competition for 2013 is now open. The deadline for entry is February 12, 2013. The announcement was made by DADA President Jim Seavitt.

Courageous Persuaders is a competition-based scholarship program that invites high school students to create a 30-second television commercial about the dangers of underage drinking. The commercials are targeted toward middle school-aged children, with the winning entries aired on television and via streaming video on CourageousPersuaders.com. The Michigan Department of State, led by Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, will also show the winning commercials in select Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) branch offices. The winners will be announced at a gala Awards Celebration to be held in May.

“We have had more interest from both students and organizations wishing to combat this deadly issue than ever,” said Seavitt.  “We look forward to this being a very successful year for the Courageous Persuaders program, and we will hopefully dissuade even more young people from drinking alcohol which can lead to potentially dangerous or even deadly outcomes.”

The Courageous Persuaders program was created in 2000 by Oakland County District Judge Michael A. Martone (retired) and John Barczyk, a local McCann-Erickson advertising executive (retired).  In 2007, the DADA became the primary sponsor and administrator of the Courageous Persuaders program through its DADA Education Foundation. Last year, the contest drew 627 entries from 1,026 students in 41 states. In addition, entries also came from students from the Armed Forces Africa, Armed Forces Pacific, OntarioPuerto Rico and Saskatchewan.

Winning entries are eligible for the following scholarship awards:

Grand Prize: $3,000
First Place: $1,500
Second Place: $1,000
Third Place: $500

Additionally, special awards are also presented by Courageous Persuaders partners:

  • Lindsey Renee Cianciolo Family Memorial Scholarship: $3,000 – two $1,500 Michigan-based scholarship winners. The scholarships are financed by Lindsey’s father, Michael, and her sisters, Allie and Mary Cianciolo. Lindsey died on January 5, 2005 at the age of 20 in a motor vehicle accident which was largely caused by underage drinking.
  • State Farm Fan Favorite Award: $2,500 – determined through independent votes on videos posted on a dedicated YouTube channel. The cash prize will be presented to the classroom of the school that produced the video that garners the most votes (voting begins in April 2013).
  • Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) Award: $2,000 – DADA is the primary sponsor and administrator of the Courageous Persuaders program through its DADA Education Foundation since 2007.
  • Adcraft Club of Detroit Award: $2,000 – presented to the commercial that conveyed factual information about the dangers of alcohol use.
  • Michelin Award: $2,000 – awarded to the student whose video commercial best illustrates the dangers of underage drinking and its effects on driving.
  • State Farm Insurance: $1,000 – awarded to an entry that shows the dangers of underage drinking and automotive usage. State Farm will select the winning commercial based on persuasiveness and creativity.
  • College for Creative Studies Award: $250 – based on the cognition, creativity, and craftsmanship of the commercial.
  • Wall Street Journal Courageous Leader Award – presented to a special teacher for his or her extraordinary support of the Courageous Persuaders program.

Winners are selected after several rounds of judging. During the first round, a panel from the DADA views the entries and identifies the top 60 finalists. Those entries are then reviewed by students at middle schools, who complete questionnaires. Results of the questionnaires determine the winners.

To view the winning commercials and/or enter the 2013 competition, visit the Web site at CourageousPersuaders.com, or contact Sandy Herp at 248.283.5138 or sherp@dada.org.

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