Courageous Persuaders® Bracelet

Purchase a Courageous Persuaders® Bracelet designed by Link Wachler


Wear the bracelet with the three distinctive pewter links that represent the message of Courageous Persuaders®: A Courageous Heart, Producing Heroes, and Persuasive Wisdom.

Or buy two – one for Mom or Dad and one for the teen! Wearing the bracelets will reinforce a promise that the teen will stop and think of the dangers of underage drinking if they’re ever in a situation where they need to have the courage to say “No.”

The Lifelink-designed bracelets are $25 each, and the money raised from sales go directly to supporting the Courageous Persuaders® program.

To enhance your bracelet with additional links that reflect your personal values, please visit

Please print and complete the order form and include your check payable to the DADA Education Foundation (DADA EF), and mail to:

DADA Education Foundation/Courageous Persuaders®
1900 West Big Beaver Rd., Suite 100
Troy, MI 48084
Attention: Sandy Herp