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2017 Winner

The Wall Street Journal Courageous Leader Award was presented to Mike Conrad, Royal Oak High School, at the Courageous Persuaders Awards Celebration on May 3, 2017.

“Mr. Conrad is my video production teacher. He took a leap of faith letting me take the Advanced Video Production class as a sophomore because the class if for juniors and seniors. Ever since then, he’s been right behind me. To put in perspective what kind of a guy Mr. Conrad is, he is flying back from Florida the day of the Courages Persuaders Competition and isn’t even stopping home before coming right to Emagine to cheer my classmates and I on. Mr. Conrad is the type of guy that you can come to about anything, he sets a good example and makes the classroom function like a true production studio. I think Mr. Conrad deserves the Courages Leader Award because he never gets recognition for the undying support he lends his students. He encourages me and all of his other students to put our work out there. I am so thankful for Mr. Conrad because without him, I wouldn’t be half the filmmaker I am today.”
– Becca Messner, nominated her teacher for the Wall Street Journal Courageous Leader Award

How To Nominate

Did your teacher, friend or community leader make a major contribution to Courageous Persuaders® Nominate them for the 2018 Courageous Leader Award, and tell us how they did it.